Monday, July 25, 2011

Asheville Day 2

Hi again friends,
I wanted to share with you how we spent our Saturday in Asheville, NC. First we enjoyed breakfast in the cafe at the Courtyard Marriott (they have updated most of the Marriotts to embrace this year's "it" color: orange!)

How happy was Brayden with his chocolate muffin?

Once we were properly fueled, we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at various locations including Graveyard Fields (falls):

How would you like to live here and have this view?

Asheville's Nature Center:

Next, we did a little antiquing. Looking for a buffet for our eat-in kitchen:

All of the buffets were in the range of $400-500 which seemed a little steep to me. So the looking continues.....

More about our adventures in Asheville tomorrow.
Happy decorating & living-


  1. I loved the white one best.

    Keep looking and you will find it soon. Love your blog. Read all the back posts this past weekend.

    Hope you found a good book to read. I would love it if periodically you would do a reading blog post!!!! what do you think?


  2. Barb,
    I liked the glass on the white buffet/cabinet as well.
    A family just stayed with us last weekend and brought me a gift of a book to read (what a great hostess gift to give!) so I just started reading it:

    It's called Outrageous Grace and it's a true story of forgiveness written by the widow of a murdered pastor/missionary. I can't wait to start on your list as well! Please keep sharing your great reads with me.

    I definitely will continue to blog about books and reading!!!!

    Happy reading to you-

  3. Awesome pictures! Asheville is awesome and I hope to live there one day. It looks like you and your family had a great time! Glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend :)

  4. Nichole- Asheville was really nice! I definitely want to go back without kids to see more of it and I want to take the kids back when they're a little older too. Thanks for the Asheville tips! -Megan