Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mr. Cottage Blue's Office

Happy Fall Y'all!
I'm so excited to share Mr. Cottage Blue's home office with you as he is out of town on a business trip so I could go in there (tidy up) and take some pictures.

This room used to be our guest bedroom but Mr. Cottage Blue found that he wasn't really using his home office way upstairs away from all the action so he did all the work and swapped all of the furniture to make this switcheroo happen.

C'mon on in...

Let's go on inside his office.....

Mr. Cottage Blue is a computer and software genius! I recommend that everyone have one in the family to help out with all those tech problems.

Mr. Cottage Blue on a pilgrimage through Spain, el Camino de Santiago:

Most of the furniture in his home office has been in our family for years and was purchased at Ikea including the blue futon which doubles as an additional guest room if our guest room upstairs is occupied.

Thanks for joining me friends. Hope you are well this fall.
Happy decorating and living,

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