Saturday, October 24, 2015

Adding in the Halloween Layer

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. I've been away in sunny warm Florida working with educators and students and am so happy to be home.

Today I wanted to share with y'all our cheesy Halloween decorations. Disclaimer: cheesiness ahead!!! In my defense, I do have a 9 and 7 year old who still love Halloween so our home reflects that interest. And well, maybe I like Halloween too.

Also, we happen to live in a neighborhood FULL of kids and FULL of parents who have a lot of Halloween spirit. It's really fun how much people decorate for the holidays here.

You might remember that I shared in early September how I decorate for early fall here:

Okay, hold onto your trick or treat comes our tacky Halloween d├ęcor:


By the way, I did make the Welcome sign (recycled from an old sign- the other side says JOY for Christmas) and I made both sets of pillows below (I painted on fabric for the B pillows)-

You can't see by these photos but we have orange lights on our front porch.
The back porch has purple and orange lights and I heard there's some fire pit action happening tonight:

On beautiful days like these here in North Carolina when I'm working from home, here's where you will find me:

Let's step inside for a minute and I'll share how the Halloween tackiness continues.....

Thanks for stopping by y'all. Stop back by soon, I have some Halloween flower arrangements I want to share with you.

Happy decorating & living -

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