Monday, December 5, 2011

My New Office Light: Take 2

Hi friends,
Thanks so much for joining me today. First, let me apologize for so much time being in between my blogging posts. I guess it might have something to do with a two day math workshop that I am teaching this week that I've been preparing for the last month and the fact that it's the Christmas season (this little elf has soooo much to do!).  But, I am very happy to be procrastinating some today and share the progress of my office with you. Yeah for being distracted! :)

Well, he did it! My handy honey, Steve, hung my new office light this past weekend. Yippeee! Here it is:

You might remember that when we bought our house near Raleigh, North Carolina, last spring, this was the light which I really thought was too ornate for the casualness of the space now (makes a lot of sense since it's supposed to be our dining room but we sacrificed formal eating so this little momma could have a place to work that was all her own):

I tried to re-use a light that we brought from our old house in Virginia in this space but once my handy honey hung it we quickly realized it didn't work. I think the scale was off, it was too small for the space:

So, then the online lighting options hunt began. I feel in love with this inexpensive large casual basket option from Ikea last summer. But was disheartened when I realized this month that Ikea was no longer showing the light on their website. But, luck was on my side. After a quick trip to the North Carolina Ikea store, we found the light in the back of the store, 60% discounted. Sold!

So, here's the beauty in my work space now:

Thanks for the organization caddie, Cristina! I use it each and every day! Did you also see the blue starfish plate that you brought us from Charleston, South Carolina, years ago?

What do you think?

Here's my next project for this room:

It's a white rug that I also found at Ikea. My blog follower friend, Barb, shared with me an idea on how to get an inexpensive striped rug and I am running with her idea. Thanks Barb!!!! I will be painting blue stripes on the plain white rug and adding it to my office space. I'll share soon once I get a chance to do it. Can't wait!

Check out this idea from another blog on how to do this project:

Here's a sneak peak at some holiday decorating. I'll share more soon, I promise once I get through those workshops this week.

Happy decorating & living everyone.


  1. OMG!!!! It couldn't be any more fabulous than that. I love the spot O.N! It is the perfect size and looks so fabulous. You did it Girl!!! It is stunning!!!


  2. Thanks so much Barb! I can't wait to paint the white Ikea rug with blue stripes and put it in my office. Thanks again for sharing that great decorating tip with me! It's saving me lots of money!!!
    Hope you are well. What's next on the reading list?