Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interesting Shelves

Hi friends,
Happy almost New Year to you! Do you have some fun plans? My husband and I plan on giving the kids an early dinner and then letting them watch a new kid friendly movie in the bonus room while we have an adult dinner and movie downstairs in our family room with the fire going. We're hoping that the kids fall asleep while watching the movie. They like to make "nests" (blankets, pillows, stuffed animals...) on the sofas to enhance their movie watching experience which leads to sleepiness. Odds are, we too will be asleep way before midnight!!!!! Our kids typically get up between 5-7am so we have to get to bed early! When do kids start sleeping in????? Please, tell me it's soon!!!!!!

As you might know, I've been working on decorating my home office (really supposed to be our dining room). It's come a long way since we moved in last spring.

Here are some photos showing the transformation of my home office (notice that the ceiling light has evolved from 3 different lights!):

I am just about finished with this room. What I think it needs now is a little additional shelving. I am inspired by our white Ikea shelving that we inherited in our new home last spring in our family room:

For my home office I am thinking of some shelving that is less modern than the Ikea shelving in our family room. I think I am really interested in finding some shelving with architectual supports that are pretty and charming. Here are some inspirational pictures that I found on the web:

Now, where to find interesting shelves....hmmmmm.

Happy decorating & living,

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