Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Art for Master Bedroom

Hi Friends,
Thanks for stopping by today. I have loved seeing all of my friends first day of school pictures on social media. My poor kids have already been in school for about 6 weeks. We have already received their interims meaning that this first quarter is more than half way over. This means fall break is almost here. I honestly love their fall break as there's lots to do here in the fall.

Okay, enough about that...on to the fun. I am excited to share some new artwork for our master bedroom with you. This is the kind of artwork that if I showed it to my dad (which I will when he visits this weekend) I can tell you exactly what he'll say. "That's artwork? That looks like a piece of junk." Yep, that's my gift....seeing the treasure in the trash.....See what you think....

What do you think? Trash? Treasure? It's made from old pallets painted blue and white with tiny starfish attached.


Source List:
Headboard-Pottery Barn
2 Bedside Tables- Antique Stores in Vienna and Leesburg, VA
Bench- Marshalls
Curtains- Pottery Barn
Dresser- Goodwill from my college days
Round Rattan Table- Goodwill
Sweet White Chair- $35 at Antique Store in Frederick, MD and recovered
Black Wicker Chair- Very special, in my mom's bedroom when she was a girl
White Bookshelf- Antique Store in Frederick, MD
Ottoman- $15 Antique Store in Vienna, VA and recovered
2 Shell Mirrors- I made them
2 Circle Rattan Mirrors- Marshalls
Artwork over bed- Market sign from Raleigh store, other two pieces I made
Two Shell Mirrors- Made by me
Pillows- Pottery Barn, two rectangle pom pom pillows I made

Happy decorating & living,

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