Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Hi Friends,
I am excited to share our updated Master Bedroom with you today.
We updated it with my two favorite decorating techniques:
1. Move stuff around the house (or room in this case)
2. Make new stuff from old stuff

We moved the bed to a different wall. That is a big project that takes the help of Mr. Cottage Blue to help me. We have one heavy bed:

Also, I took two old canvas pictures that I wasn't digging anymore and created two new pictures on top of the old (the tan and white pictures are the new 'old' pictures):

The only new thing in the room is the tan coverlet. Mr. Cottage Blue is one grumpy camper if the house is too hot when he sleeps. This means he likes to keep a cool house at night. All of our old duvets, comforters, and quilts are too heavy for him. I purchased this tan light weight duvet cover (and did not put a duvet inside of it so it's truly light weight) from amazon.com and it was a steal! Mr. Cottage Blue is happy!

Source List:
Headboard-Pottery Barn
2 Bedside Tables- Antique Stores in Vienna and Leesburg, VA
Bench- Marshalls
Curtains- Pottery Barn
Dresser- Goodwill from my college days
Round Rattan Table- Goodwill
Sweet White Chair- $35 at Antique Store in Frederick, MD and recovered
White Bookshelf- Antique Store in Frederick, MD
Ottoman- $15 Antique Store in Vienna, VA and recovered
2 Shell Mirrors- I made them
2 Circle Rattan Mirrors- Marshalls

Happy decorating & living,

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