Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

Our tips for a relaxing bedroom retreat:

1. Choose a color palette that is relaxing to you. We chose blue like the rest of our house. No brainer there.

2. No tv. Too simulating. Keeps us up too late then we are too cranky the next day. This is our retreat at the end of the day to read or talk or occasionally watch a show on our ipads.

3. No exercise equipment. Again, too simulating and too unattractive. It has to find another home in our home.

4. Sitting options are a must. Sofa. Loveseat. Chair. You pick it. A place to curl up besides the bed and read alone or with kids.

5. Keep is simple and sweet. Choose items that matter to you. What matters to me: books, pottery from the beach, photos of family.

6. No kids in the bed. As the kids are getting older, 8 and 6 years old, this one is actually happening now. We got a king size bed so that we would have adequate room when this does happen. But of course, when they do crawl in bed with us, they sleep beside us like a magnet.

Here's our bedroom....


 -You can't really tell what the curtains are like in these photos. But they're black out curtains, good for sleeping, creamy white with light blue stripes.
- Inexpensive artwork: 3 card shells frames.
-Sweet round rattan glass table found at local Goodwill. I covered an old ottoman with fabric I liked.
-I made the shell mirror. All furniture (except bed) purchased at thrift stores.
-Favorite things: pottery from the beach, books, and family photos.
-I covered the lampshade with fabric I liked.

Here's a peak at our newly freshly painted entryway:

I made the shell mirror, recovered an ugly bench, and the small ocean life artwork are cards:

Thanks so much for joining me today friends.
Happy decorating and living,

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