Thursday, February 20, 2014

Repurposing A Room

Dear friends,
Thanks for stopping by! Today's blog post is a dreamy one for me. My husband and I are talking about changing the purpose of one of our rooms.

Currently, in our house this is our small living room:

And this is our dining room:

Yep, our 'real' dining room was sacrificed so that I could have a home office and the kids also have a place to do homework/crafts/play on family computer.

My husband and I have been talking and honestly in the last 3 years since moving into this house we haven't missed having a dining room BUT lately we've been thinking that moving forward we might like to have a dining room. We are thinking that if we have a dining room we:

-would have a larger space to host dinner parties
-have a larger space to host family get togethers like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.
-have a larger space to do puzzles, play dominoes, etc.

Currently, this is where we host dinner parties, Christmas dinner, etc. in our eat-in kitchen:

Our little family of four loves having dinner together here nightly and the size works perfectly for us. But, it is a very tight fit for a group of 6 or more.

We honestly don't use our living room much at all. Occasionally we will curl up in there to read but that's about it besides December when we remove most of the furniture and put our Christmas tree in there:

Now, we are seriously considering repurposing this room as our dining room. We are thinking that we will use it more in that format.

All of the furniture in there can easily find other places in our home to go. I think we would keep the rug and the curtains. I still love the 'beach photo wall' so it will either stay in place or move to another location in the home.

Here are some inspiration dining rooms that I found on Pinterest:

I really like this one especially the light fixture but I would want it with a round table:

Light fixture, bamboo shades, light colors with wood
I really like the chairs in this one:

Love the wicker arm chairs and that rustic farm table!
Love the table, wicker chairs, and light fixture.
I like this one but it is too rustic for our space:
French farm

I like elements of this one too:

Love the striped rug
What do you think? Do you have a dining room? If so, honestly how often do you use it?

My next two considerations will be IF we really do this:
1. What color to paint the room?
2. Where will our Christmas tree go next year? (it most likely would not fit in that space with a large table)

What are you currently having a design dilemma about?

Happy decorating & living,

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