Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here I Go Again......

Hi friends,
Thanks for joining me today. Can you tell how much I've enjoyed being home lately getting my bucket filled decorating, organizing, and crafting? I even managed to get in some much needed heavy duty spring cleaning- I cloroxed our baseboards and floorboards yesterday on our main level. I had to stop after a little while because I was getting loopy off of the Clorox fumes! What a difference it makes though! I've got to make sure I do that job more than every two years!!!! Seriously!

We were hosting our last small group bible study last night at our house so I decided it was time to rearrange our furniture in there. You know it's funny, some people (like my mom) arrange their furniture in a room and will keep it that way as long as they live in that home. I am not saying that there is one thing wrong with that. Nope! Nothing wrong with that at all! But, that my friends, is not me. Nope! No way! I feel so refreshed when I spice it up. So, let's take a walk down memory  lane, over the last two years that we've lived in our current home in the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina and see how we've arranged the furniture in that room:



That takes us to today. I wanted to focus on the flow being better in the room. I wanted to be able to walk easily through the room as this is the room we usually walk through to get to the stairs to go upstairs. See, what you think now......(of course, it'll probably be changed by tomorrow!).......






Oops! I already added a new piece from the living room:

Thanks again for stopping by my little decorating blog today friends. Just to share, I updated my 'books and reading' tab and my 'joy rising' tab, check them out if you're interested.

A couple of new little tweaks.....

Artwork by Bryce, I love the bright colors she used, don't you?-

Daily inspiration on our chalkboard. I'm still thinking a lot about gratitude lately:

Back to life at the Brew Crew household. Since my two kids have had birthdays recently, they both got new bikes. So, we've been taking daily afternoon bike rides. It's hilarious to me how different my two kids are. One child has to always be in the front of the bike ride parade, leading the way. He is my daredevil, racing off. The other child will get off of her bike if there is any kind of incline or decline, as she isn't quite certain that her brakes will work effectively, so she will walk her bike to an appropriately flat surface then get on it again. Needless to say, the speed demon and I end up waiting for the slow child at each and every stop sign. They are who they are. Gotta love their little spirits!!!!!

You guessed it right.....the daredevil-

Take care friends. I hope you're having a wonderfully blessed week.
Happy decorating & living,

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