Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year from the Brew Crew!

Hi friends,
Happy New Year! Do you have some fun plans for New Year's? If so, please share them with me so I can live vicariously through you! I remember the days when we used to go dancing or dress up in black tie digs or even have a really nice dinner out. Ah! Those where the days! These days my honey and I are happy campers snug as a bug in a rug in our bed by 9pm reading our books on our Kindle Fires. That is happiness! We're old, huh? Oh well. It had to happen. I can't even remember the last time I stayed up until midnight. It just doesn't happen over here at the Brew Crew. 6am comes way too early.

I wanted to share with you that today after church I finished taking down all of the Christmas decorations and my honey took all of the boxes, bags, and tree up to the attic. I was kind of depressed about having all of the decorations put away- honestly, the house looked so stark and plain. So I decided that this year, we would decorate for winter! Why not?

Mostly I reused snowflake decorations from our Christmas tree. Away went all of the red and green and welcome to the blue, white, and silver. See what you think:


I also added some super cheap scrapbook paper, snowflake stickers, and ribbons that I purchased at the Craft Store yesterday for less than ten dollars to add to our 'winter motif':

I also decided to add some of our silver pieces to our winter wonderland (I love mercury glass, don't you?):


Here is our family's new year's resolution (believe me, it's needed by all of us!):



I still couldn't bear to take down the Christmas cards:

I spiced up my home office with snowflake lights that my honey just got on sale (really for outside use for next year):


Here's the living room (I couldn't bear to take down the garland and it does have snowflakes on it so I think it qualifies as winter decorating):

Here's my honey cooking dinner for us:

Happy New Year friends!
May your year be filled with love, laughter, and light!


  1. I love your gorgeous home and your winter decorations are a beautiful idea!! Even your black and white curtains echo the snowflake theme. I'd love to do something like that here, but the temp is in the high 30s outside!
    Jane x

  2. Silly me! I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year!!! May 2013 bring you closer to your dreams and goals. xxxx

  3. Thanks Jane!!! I hope that 2013 is full of blessings for you and your loved ones!

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