Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trying to Hold Off Easter

Hi friends,
How was your weekend?

I am trying to hold off decorating for Easter. Every holiday I decorate our house entirely too early and then by the actual holiday I am sick and tired of the decorations. I am trying to learn to be patient. This is a skill that I do NOT have. I am trying to learn this lesson. And I believe Easter is really the last holiday that I have any decorations for until Halloween (unless you count a flag or two for July 4th). We do have all of our birthdays during the down time so we'll have some type of decorations in our home this spring and summer (balloons, streamers, etc.).

Easter is such a special time. My spirit comes alive with the warmer days filled with sunshine and warm breezes. I love all of the flowers that are popping up everywhere. We love going to the beach in the springtime to fly kites and build sandcastles (no playing in the water yet, it's still too cold). I actually thought my son was going to be born on Easter. My water broke late on a Saturday night (around 2am) four years ago on Easter. Unfortunately, my labor stopped shortly after we arrived at the hospital and since my son was 4 weeks early the doctors would not help me along so I had to hang out at the hospital for two more days until they decided yes, they'd give me some drugs to help me along. So my hopes of having an Easter baby were shot. Yes, it is a myth, you do not have to have a baby immediately after your water breaks. Of course, they will not let you go home so you have to hang out at the hospital. I hope that I didn't just share too much information with you!

Since I'm holding off on decorating for Easter yet I thought I'd appease myself by sharing some Easter inspired images:

My daughter on her first Easter:

I can't believe I am sharing with you this picture of myself- I am as big as a whale here- I think my son was born right after this picture. This was my daughter's second Easter (back in Virginia):

Getting ready for our little Buddy to arrive in his new room 4 years ago:

Here are my babies today:

Happy decorating & living,

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