Friday, February 3, 2012

Spicing up the kids' rooms for free

Hi friends,
How is your week going? It's been crazy warm in North Carolina. I even saw some daffodils blooming! In February! I wanted to share with you how I spiced up my kids' rooms. We were fortunate to buy our house last April that already had a 'boy' room and a 'girl' room. Now, they weren't exactly decorated like I would have chosen, but how awesome is that? I have plans to redecorate their rooms possibly this summer or certainly within the next year or so but I wanted to share with you how we spiced up their rooms this week.

This is what my daughter's room looked like when we purchased the house a little less than a year ago. Notice the princess border, purple sponge painting, and butterfly decals.

Then we moved in and added my daughter's furniture:

Here's my little almost 6 year old who loves to spice it up (just like her mother)! She's been begging me to redo her room:

Here's her room now after we spiced it up:

All we did was pull down some old white lights from the attic and replace her artwork with a few of her dresses from her play clothes collection. Easy scheemzie, spiced up room.

Here are some young girl inspiration rooms:

Stop back by my blog soon and I'll share how we spiced up my son's room.
Happy decorating & living,

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