Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wanted: Blue & White Striped Rug

Hi friends,
Getting the new rug (from my last blog posting) for our living room has inspired me to want to get a rug for the adjoining room- my home office (dining room). We sacrificed our dining room so that this momma could have a space for herself to work. After all, how often would we use our dining room? We aren't hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas this year so at least right now, we're off the hook! Maybe in the future, we will want a real grown-up dining room. I predict we will. But, for right now, I use that room every single day as my office.

Anyway, back to the rug. Here's the inspiration rug that I am dreaming about (it's from the movie, Something's Gotta Give). It's a cotton blue and white striped rug. I think that I really like the casualness of it since the adjoining living room is more 'pretty'. Isn't it fun?

Here was the Room Make-Over Design Plan that I did for my home office this past summer. You'll notice that in the plan I included a soft blue rug. I am thinking that now I want to go with something more fun like the blue and white striped rug.

Here are some other inspiration rugs that I am really digging:

I did a little brief searching online about prices for similar rugs and I was quite shocked how expensive they are. So I guess I will continue dreaming about a blue and white striped rug for a little longer while I head back to work.

Here are a few pictures of my home office that definitely still needs work (change paint color, change out light fixture to a larger one, and add a new blue and white striped rug!):

Here is my view of the living room from my home office:

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. If you're traveling, I wish you safe travels. Take care everyone and be well.

Happy decorating & living,

P.S. Do you have your speakers turned on (not muted) on your computer? If so, what do you think about the new music accompanying my blog?

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