Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Style: Costal Cottage Chic

Hi friends,
I wanted to share with you what my style is, Coastal Cottage Chic. By the way, I totally made this style up! :)

Here's the Coastal-

My 5 year old daughter Bryce definitely is a Coastal Girl!: 

My little guy Brayden, 3 years old, and his cousin, Lawson are definitely Beach Dudes!:

My sweet family:

And the Cottage (dream cottage!)-

Lastly the Chic (a little bit of sparkle)-

Here are some inspiration rooms that I'm passionate about-

Do you like this style? What do you like about it?

What is your style? Would you like help figuring out your style? Email me and I'll send you a Design Style Questionnaire to help you figure out your style. It's free and fun! I'd love to hear from you. I'll do an inspiration blog for you! It'll be fun!
Happy decorating & living-


  1. I've just this very morning, finished a book that makes me think of this style. "The Beach House" by Jane Green. It is set in Nantucket and is full of hydrangas and large rambling houses. I loved it, now I want to head out to Bunnings and buy a load of hydrangas and Adirondacks!

  2. oops ... and yes, I love this style!

  3. Thanks so much Jane!
    Hope all is well with you-