Monday, January 18, 2016

Spiced Up Home Office

Hello friends,
How are you today? How are you honoring Martin Luther King Jr's birthday? My kiddios and I have the day off and due to the super low temperatures are headed to the warmth of the cheap movies theater. Peanuts, here we come!

Thanks for checking out my spiced up eat in kitchen recently. Today I wanted to share my spiced up home office with you. I cleaned out the attic and brought down some of my professional books (the rest of my books I'm donating to the local library). This forced me to rework the shelves and purchase the new turquoise and white striped baskets (compliments of Target). The globe is fairly new too from an antique store.

This room serves me as a home office and craft room:

I love looking at the large window when I'm working from home. By the way, most of the furniture in this room was purchased from Goodwill and painted (two small blue pieces), Ikea, or from my parents' 70s basement (tall white shelving). Most of the artwork I made.

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your week.
Happy decorating and living-

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