Monday, August 17, 2015

Spicing It Up Again

Hi friends,
How are y'all doing? What's new in your world? Does it feel like your summer is winding down? Ready for fall to wind up?

Over here we are in our fourth, yes 4th week of school. I told my kids today that they're almost half way to their long fall break. Now, if it would just feel like's still super hot.

Did you happen to see that Money magazine named our small town #1? Here's the link...

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm excited to share with you our spiced up eat-in kitchen.

I did two things:
1. Moved our piano from our dining room to this room. I just finished an excellent book about change and supporting change called Switch, here's a link to it:

One of the things the authors of the book talk about is one way to influence change is to 'shape the path'. I will share with you that since we inherited my mom's piano last winter and the kids started taking piano lessons, I've been frustrated with their lack of practice. I already have to nag them about homework and nightly reading plus chores....I honestly don't want another thing to nag them about. But...on the other hand, I know how much I treasure the ability to play the piano, read music, and enjoy music. I see their interest in music and the piano and want to encourage this without being a nag. Welcome to being a parent, huh?

With our piano being in our front dining room, no one spends much time in there and thus it gets forgotten. Since it has wheels on it, it was pretty easy to wheel around the corner into the eat-in kitchen. Immediately, the kids started playing it more. My 'shaping their path' really worked. I also have put their piano books open on the ledge and they have stopped by and started playing. Shhhh! Don't tell them how manipulative their mom is!

2. The second thing I did was add new striped Pottery Barn curtains in here that I received as a birthday present. Our old curtains found a home in my husband's home office...right around the corner...I promise to share sometime soon (need to tidy it up first).

See what you think.....

Sorry these pictures are so dark. This room is very dark in the afternoon as the sun is setting.

I also want to share how open our dining room is now- not that the piano has moved out- more airy.

Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you are having an awesome week.

Happy decorating & living,

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