Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Decorating is Here

Hi Friends,
Thanks for joining me today. I wanted to share some easy, cheap, budget-friendly summer decorating ideas with you.

For us...summer is all about escaping the heat so when we come inside from the pool or the's all about relaxing and staying cool....

We need....spots to read....spots to nap.....spots to play....spots to relax.....spots to nap (did I already say that? it's so easy to nap after summer sun and heat).

Come on in.....the 4th of July decorating stays up from June through July...

The entryway keeps the patriotic theme going....

The dining room is updated for summer with glass collections of and fun....with black and white beach photos on the gallery wall hung in a variety of white wood and metal frames...

Across the hall, my home office is set up with fresh crayons, sharpened colored pencils, markers, and more for the kids to be able to do some crafts.

Let's go into the family room where the white cotton slipcovers have been freshly washed for summer and the three floating shelves have been rearranged (I stole black and white photos framed in black frames from our bonus room upstairs to spice it up down here).

Now we are ready to cool off, curl up on the couches, and watch a favorite movie.

This new pillow was made by sewing two cotton green striped napkins together. I was summer lazy and didn't even finish up the bottom portion (shhhhh! our little secret). Cotton napkins make lovely summer pillows.

Let's head into the eat in kitchen and see what the kids have added to the chalkboard as fun summertime activities. Notice the four pillows in the eat in kitchen that I also made from inexpensive cotton napkins from Target and World Market in my favorite shades of green and blue. 5 minutes of sewing equals crispy new summer pillows.

I am feeling a nap coming on, let's head outside to my favorite place for a summer siesta. Now is the perfect time to find outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows, and accessories on sale.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're staying cool where ever you are. Stop by again soon and I'll take you upstairs to see how we've been spicing it up by creating new artwork over old artwork.

Happy summer-


  1. Everything looks beautiful!!! Summer is my favorite time of year to decorate for:)
    I missed your blogging-glad you are back!

  2. Thanks so much!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer.