Monday, June 30, 2014

Grown Up at Last?

Hello friends,
Happy summertime! Over here at the Brew Crew we are welcoming in our first day of summer vacation. Our rascals just get 4 weeks of summer break due to their year round school but don't feel sorry for them for even though they're headed back to school the last week in July they will enjoy a lovely 3 weeks off in October, January, and March.

I am super excited to share a recent room transformation with you. I believe we might be grown ups at last....we finally have an official dining room. See, our real dining room is my home office so the small room next to it in the front of our house we were using as a living room which really means we never used it except at Christmas time when our tree was in there.

Here's our new dining room (please ignore the painting touch ups that still have to happen, I was just so excited to share despite the fact that the finishing touches need to be done):

We chose a 60 inch diameter gray finish round table from Ballard Designs. Basically this small room is a square so we thought a round table would work best and be good for conversations at the table. Right now, we just have 4 chairs around it but can pull in 2-4 more depending on what we need. I was a little nervous about buying a table online without touching it and seeing it in person but we read the reviews and with a coupon decided to go for it. I would honestly report that I'm happier with it than I imagined.

We kept our black and white photo gallery of family beach pictures and even added another column on the left hand side.

This sweet watercolor is very special to us as my husband picked up along his walking journey, Camino de Santiago, through Spain.


So, what do you think? Do you have a dining room? Do you use it often? In the last two days since we have had a dining room, I've sat in there to work and eat. I think it's our 'pretty room' in our house.

Thanks for joining me today. I plan on sharing new blog posts every day this week as I'm taking the week off from work.

Happy Summer!

Here's my girl, almost third grader, Bryce with me in matching sundresses that we made yesterday. You wouldn't believe how simple this project was! The fabric comes already made to be a dress- you just have to cut it to your size and sew one line. Easy scheemzie!

Happy decorating and living,

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  1. Love the table! The room looks beautiful! Missed your posts:)