Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Decorations

Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas! How are you? How did you celebrate the holidays? We hosted everyone at our house and LOVED every minute of it! Here are a couple of our pre Christmas Eve church service pictures (my dad and husband are missing as they were snapping the pics):

Here are our Christmas week menu (Steve and I had a lot of fun making up the menu, preparing the food, and sharing it with our family):

Sunday: Shelia’s pasta birthday dish

Monday: Lasagna, salad, bread

Tuesday: breakfast: casserole and fruit

dinner: roast in crock pot, rice, salad and gingerbread houses for dessert

Wednesday: breakfast: casserole and fruit

dinner: turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn pudding, green bean casserole, rolls, desserts

Thursday: breakfast: breads and fruit

dinner: chili, muffins

Friday and on: Leftovers

Today all of our company is gone. I cleaned everyone's rooms and have been doing loads and loads of laundry. The Christmas gifts have found new homes in various locations. The kids got to go to Toys R Us and use Christmas gift cards to pick out new gifts so they're busy playing. I had a little while to take down the Christmas decorations in the family room and put up our winter decorations.
Our winter decorations are blue, silver, and white. They're mostly on sale Christmas ornaments in blue, silver, and white. Plus I went around the house and reused various items that matched the color d├ęcor and style. I did buy a few little items on big time sale after Christmas at World Market and JoAnne Fabrics.
Here take a peek in our winter wonderland.....(now only if the weather would cooperate and bring us a little of the white stuff):

Now, I do need to put up the Christmas decorations/tree/outside lights from the rest of the house in the next week. But, I'm happy tonight to relax after a great week with family celebrating Christmas and my new winter wonderland right inside our house.
Happy New Year friends! Thanks so much for joining me today. How are you spending the new year? You probably won't be surprised to hear that we will be having family game night at The Brew Crew house. We got two new games for Christmas. How about you? I wish you the very best of what 2014 has to offer-
Happy decorating and living,

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