Monday, July 1, 2013


Hi friends,
Today's post is all about J-O-Y! Boy, do I love joy! I dedicated a whole tab on my blog here for it. You know, I really don't care that much about happiness or being happy. I'd much rather focus on being filled with joy and being joyful. It feels so much more real and authentic to me to concentrate on joy instead of happiness. To me, being happy is a momentary thing usually based on some THING. Joy seems to me to be a kind of contentment and peace that radiates from within you not based on anything or anyone.

So, I wanted to share some examples of joy that I've been noticing radiate from my children lately. I think as their parent, one of the things that I truly want most for them in life (along with loving others), is to find and experience joy. Pure joy.

Here we go.

Last week, I dusted off my CATS musical DVD to share with my kids. I had no idea how much my 7 year old daughter Bryce would LOVE it! During the first showing, she sat mesmorized by the video. Then immediately after it was over she ran upstairs to make herself a CATS costume. She has since had her dad add the CATS DVD to her mini ipad. She has been watching it daily, often numerous times a day. Last night, I found her asleep in bed with the musical DVD playing and she was sound asleep.  She even has her 'favorite cat'. I think I've started something here! I gotta admit though, I love it! I am the same little girl who loved to dance and sing to musicals at home in the privacy of my home. Hey, maybe I still do. Maybe not, you'll never know! :)

Here's my little cat experiencing pure joy.....


Occasionally, Bryce gets her brother into the CATS action too. Here they both are dressed up and performing:

Here's another one example of pure joy.
My 5 year old son got a new bike for his recent fifth birthday. He rides that bike like the wind! He loves to push himself and pedal as fast as his little legs can carry him. I can also identify with him. I remember getting a ten speed for my 12th birthday and taking off on that bike on summer mornings in my neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama and riding all around the neighborhood all day long- visiting various friends from my sixth grade class all around the hood. Such freedom! Such joy!

 What about you? How do you experience joy? I'd love to hear from you. I hope this blog post has helped you think about joy today and giving yourself the opportunity and time to put a little joy (or a lot! that's so much better!) in your week!

Here's to J-O-Y!
Take care friends,

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