Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pop of color in pillows

The "in progress" part of decorating our new home in Raleigh, NC continues. I have a feeling we will be "in progress" for years to come! Today's blog comes from our family room:

You might remember that before we had mostly white pillows on our white sofas in the family room.
I was feeling that the family room had too much white and need more pops of color in the pillows. On Monday while going to the movie theater in Durham to see the cute new cartoon Rio we noticed a Crate and Barrell store next door to the theater. Of course, I needed to go to see if there was anything in the store that I HAD to HAVE. That's a joke! There's a million things in the store I'd love to have! But I did see these porcelain blue velvet pillows (on sale I might add!) that I thought would be perfect in our family room:

I think the warm velvetly fabric and the cool blue color is the perfect compliment to our room. What do you think?

Next project for this room: finding some fun graphic panel curtains to flank (not cover!) the windows. I think that will add an element of interest and warmth to the room.

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