Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plant love

It's amazing how much life a plant or two can bring to a space! I always remember one of my favorite decorators, Nate Berkus, sharing on an Oprah show how important it is to have some elements from nature in every space (plants, rocks, shells, coral, wood, etc.) and it's so cool to see that in action. We added a few new plants to our screened-in porch and it's amazing to me how much more I love that space with the additional plant life.

Our screened-in porch with new plant life:

The oyster shells cut down on any dirt spraying out of the pot from rain showers or from daily watering:

I am even happy looking at the plants outside onto the screened-in porch from inside in the family room or kitchen:

Yes, it's summer in North Carolina and I think I hear thunderstorms in the distance coming this way this afternoon:

What makes you happy every time you see it in your house? I would love to hear from you.

Happy decorating & living-