Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Bedroom Make-Over Design Plan

My bedroom Make-Over Design Plan is ready:

You may remember how white and Plain Jane my new bedroom in Raleigh is....here's what I am working with:

Well, I've had a while to think about a Room Make-Over Plan for myself....after all, that's what I love to do....and I've come up with an idea.

I flipped through my Idea Book (last blog posting) to get inspiration:

After flipping through my Idea Book I remembered that I had wanted to use gray paint. That inspired me to find a gray/blue paint at Lowe's (it's called "shark loop") that would work with what we already had.

Here's what I am going to reuse from the room:

-white slipcovered headboard with bed
-two white antique bedside tables
-white slipcovered chair and newly slipcovered ottoman
-white Salvation Army dresser
-artwork: 3 tin pieces and 3 shell framed notecards
-some fabric that I like and have already used in the room:

Saulsito fabric

Christie Brinkley's Beachglass fabric

Well, I'm excited that I've come up with a Room Make-Over Plan.
I am hoping to transform our Plain Jane White Bedroom to a Tranquil Warm and Relaxing Bedroom:

Paint color: I know that the quickest, easiest, least expensive way to dramatically change a room is to add paint color. That's why I decided to paint the white walls a gray/blue paint color called 'shark loop' by Valspar that I found at Lowe's. I am considering painting the tray ceiling the next lighter shade on the paint chip so that the ceiling looks almost like a sky (if I can talk my painter, my husband, into painting the ceiling- it's a tough job!).

Bedding: I know that the current white bedding that I have just adds to the Plain Jane/white room atmosphere. I found this gray/blue seashore inspired bedding that I think will work beautifully to add color and warmth to the room.

Window Treatments: Currently, there are no window treatments in the room. I think adding bamboo shades will add warmth to the room. Adding the blue and white stripe panel curtains will add an element of polish and finish to the room.

Spice up the Furniture: I am thinking about painting the two white antique bedside tables a soft porcelain blue which will accent the wall paint color and the bedding selections. I am also considering painting the inside of the shelf piece the same color blue.

Well, it's going to take us some work to get our room finished but I can't wait to share the finished project with you in the next month or two.

My goal is to create a bedroom which is beautiful, relaxing, and a place to get rejuvenated all the while reflecting my Beach Cottage Chic design style.

Are you happy with your bedroom? Do you want some fresh ideas? What is your decorating style? Do you need help figuring out what your style is? I am a decorating coach and can help you discover your style and help decorate your home to reflect your style. Contact me, it's a lot of fun!

Email me:megan@cottagebluedesigns.com

Happy decorating and living,

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